Enrico Mattei Enrico Mattei
Enrico Mattei

the memory of enrico mattei

The works undertaken by Enrico Mattei in Italy and in the world are present and particularly alive in the city of Matelica where the figure of the founder of ENI is present and familiar in the workplace, in the streets, in the squares and in the houses of the Matelicesi.

For this reason it is precisely from the City of Matelica that the will to know this man and his actions is born, with the active contribution of the Foundation, which is proud to bear his name.


"We believe in the future of our country; we have faith in its possibilities for improvement, in its capacity for development and progress; we feel the duty to work, to the full extent of our strength, to build day by day the building of freedom and justice in which we want to live in peace and above all we want to prepare for the new generations, in the hope that they will never have to suffer the painful experience we have suffered".