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Enrico Mattei


Articles of Association Foundation Enrico Mattei

Art. 1

The "Enrico Mattei Foundation" is established, with headquarters in Matelica (Mc), in Via Fidanza n. 15.


Art. 2

They are founding members and are part of the Board of the Foundation:
- a representative of the Mattei family;
- the pro-tempore Mayor of Matelica or his delegate.


Art. 3

The assets of the Foundation consist of assets donated by organizations or private individuals, with contributions from public bodies.
It is initially constituted:
- contribution of the Municipality of Matelica of Euro 5,164.56 (10,000,000 lire);
- donation of Mrs. Mattei consisting of documents, objects, memorabilia and other, second special inventory.
If and for any event the Foundation should cease, its assets will be donated to the Municipality of Matelica.


Art. 4

The Foundation is a non-profit organization: it promotes or encourages research, studies, conferences and publications, including internationally, on the works and figure of Enrico Mattei, with particular regard to:
a) the influence of his economic, social and political activity within the democratic and Christian movement of which he was the protagonist;
b) the role played in reference to the expansion of public enterprise, inserted in the framework of an internationally open economy, developed in Italy from the period of reconstruction onwards;
c) the incidence of his activity as a public entrepreneur on the formation of an economic ruling class of the State capable of commensurate with the spaces of professional growth to the technological characteristics of production;
d) launch of a new concept of international economic cooperation between industrialized countries and oil-producing countries, within the framework of a development policy aimed at pursuing higher levels of economic equilibrium;
e) proposition and development of a research and study work among young people, so that they can profit, for a better future, from all of Enrico Mattei's teachings, giving also scholarships named after him and rewarding researchers and scholars more authoritative.


Art. 5

The bodies of the Foundation are:
- the Board of Directors;
- President;
- the General Secretary;
- the Account Auditor;
- the Committee of Experts.
The Board can appoint an honorary President without the right to vote.


Art. 6
(Board of Directors)

The Foundation is governed by the Board of Directors which is composed of five members, in office for five years and, in any case, for a period not exceeding the duration of the Municipal Council that elected them. Provision that also applies in the event of subrogation of Directors in office.
The Councilors (directors) may be reappointed.
They are part of the Board of Directors:
- the pro-tempore Mayor of the City of Matelica, or his delegate;
- a member of the Mattei family, appointed by the Mayor on the recommendation of the family;
- three members appointed by the Municipal Council of Matelica (of which one representing the minority);
The Board of Directors elects, in the first session, from among its members, the President, the Vice President and the General Secretary.
A representative of the Committee of Experts, a representative of the National Hydrocarbons Administration, may participate in the Board of Directors, upon specific invitation and without the right to vote. and the former Presidents of the Foundation.
The Board of Directors can participate, upon specific invitation and without voting rights, useful experts for the discussion of the topics discussed in the organ sessions.
The Board of Directors is responsible for all powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration.
The Board of Directors implements the general direction of the Foundation's activities, formulates the programs and takes care of their implementation, prepares the report and the budgets and final balances.
The Chairman must submit the budget and the final account for each financial year to the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors must be convened at least once a year; on an extraordinary basis, if at least two directors make a written and motivated request to the Chairman.
The Board of Directors appoints an Account Auditor, with the functions and duration referred to in art. 9 of this Statute.
The meetings of the Board of Directors are valid, if the majority of the assigned Directors are present; its resolutions are taken by majority of those present.
The members of the Board of Directors have no compensation.
Reimbursement of expenses may be recognized in the manner decided by the Board of Directors.
Where deemed appropriate, the Board of Directors may arrange for an internal regulation to be drawn up and then submitted for approval.


Art. 7

The President is the legal representative of the Foundation, promotes every activity, convenes and presides over the Board of Directors.
The Vice President replaces the President in case of his absence or impediment; collaborates with the same in the direction of the Foundation.


Art. 8
(The General Secretary)

The General Secretary compiles and signs the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors; sends invitations for meetings and carries out any activity related to his assignment; is responsible for public relations with organizations, institutions, national and international authorities.
In carrying out the statutory tasks, the same may take advantage of the collaboration, free of charge, of the General Secretary of the Municipality of Matelica.


Art. 9

The Auditor is appointed by the Board of Directors.
The Auditor examines the budget and the final account and reports to the Board of Directors, at least annually, within one month of the approval of the relative deliberative acts.
The Auditor remains in office for five years and, in any case, up to the duration of the Board of Directors that elected him; can only be reconfirmed for a second consecutive term.
No indemnity is due to the Auditor.
Reimbursement of expenses may be recognized in the manner decided by the Board of Directors.


Art. 10
(Committee of Experts)

The Committee of Experts is composed of people who are particularly qualified in the field of the Foundation's activities.
The members of the Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors, remain in office for five years and, in any case, until the natural expiry of the Board of Directors that elected them and can be reappointed.
They are called to collaborate in the planning and organization of the programs, in the evaluation of the results, and in the appropriate dissemination of the same.
Both the individuals of particular and undisputed professionalism and culture can be part of the Foundation's Committee of Experts, as well as representatives of public and private Bodies, Credit Institutions and Associations, whose activity is connected with the purposes of the Foundation and which request it in writing.
The acceptance of this request unquestionably decides the Board of Directors by a majority of the members.
The members of the Committee of Experts are not entitled to any compensation.
Reimbursement of expenses may be recognized in the manner decided by the Board of Directors.


Art. 11
(Referral standard)

For matters not covered by this Statute, reference is made to the regulations relating to Foundations, contained in the civil code.