27 october 1962 enrico mattei dies

On October 30, 1962, in Matelica, the funeral of Enrico Mattei took place, who died three days earlier in the plane crash of Bascapè (PV), which involved the pilot and the American journalist who was interviewing him, and who accompanied him in the journey.

The Pavia public prosecutor opened an investigation, but the course of the investigations was short and the appearance of a summary cover-up. The prosecution filed investigations into the hypothesis of an attack with the sentence "the fact does not exist". In the mid-nineties, in the face of the discovery of new finds, judicial investigations were reopened thanks to the deputy prosecutor of Pavia Vicenzo Calia, who ascertained that the plane "was painfully demolished".

On the day of his funeral, politicians, industrialists and famous people from all over Italy filled the streets of Matelica to pay their respects to Mattei.